Bichitra Behura

ANANTA SPARSHA (Book of Poems)
Poet: Dr. Bichitra Kumar Behura

Absolute Happiness

They say,

I am lucky in everything.

But, don’t know why

I still feel so much lacking.

I understand, it’s a long ladder

With rungs of hell and rapture.

We are hanging one after other

Happy or sad, oblivious of the danger

That is awaiting us all, down under.


My life is a game of snake and ladder,

Which I am tired of playing any further.

It is time to come out of the cycle

Of happiness and sorrow forever.

Let me search for joy, the utter,

The happiness independent of compare.

Help me build the bridge to your land

Discarding the ladder that is redundant,

So that I drench in your love

Which is all around, in abundant.

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