Bichitra Behura

ANANTA SPARSHA (Book of Poems)
Poet: Dr. Bichitra Kumar Behura

After the Party

I remembered you

When the party was over,

Seeing those broken plates

And the half filled bottles

Realized it is time to return.


Drove down backwards

Passed through the barren land ,

Dried rivers and the desolate hills.

I remembered the rains,

The seasonal streams

And the water falls.

Also, it’s magical touch

That influenced the whole universe.


I remembered the humming bird

With the tiny wings ,

Going around the flowers

Searching for nectar inside .

The flowers are proud and shy

Hiding their own beautiful stories.


It is almost late evening

Stars have started appearing .

I am little away from home,

On my way , all alone.

Anxious to meet my beloved

Ages after we sundered.


I still have the hangover ,

But ,it is more or less clear

That I am going to surrender

Into your lap

Just to enjoy all that is now past.

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