Bichitra Behura

ANANTA SPARSHA (Book of Poems)
Poet: Dr. Bichitra Kumar Behura


It is never clearly understood

What exactly is the fatherhood.

Let me scratch the memory of my childhood.


I stayed mostly out of home

And,You were away on job

When, I used to come.


But, I felt your presence for sure,

In the mention of my name in the letter

Or in the remembrances of our mother.


You did everything without our asking

But, there was still a lot that was missing.

Which is beyond my forgetting.


I missed you to hug after the examination-result,

Missed you in all those school functions,

 Missed, to introduce you to all my proud teachers.


I saw all my friends going to festivals

Enjoying with their fathers on the merry- go- rounds .

I used to remember you hiding my tears.


I met you so little during the available time

 I ,even forgot to express my love meanwhile,

 Felt more important to just listen to you and admire .


Just after you left, I started a new life

 With the blessings that is treasured by me and my wife,

Had you been there, it would nave been so nice.


I never miss you now

As I think you are always near by

Who can come back home to help me out.


I decided to provide your heir what I missed as a son .

But, I can confess as a father, oh my idol

 That I failed my fatherhood which you mastered.




The yearning for you in your absence ,

Is the biggest gift of your fatherhood in true sense,

 That is just impossible for me to inculcate.

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