Bichitra Behura

ANANTA SPARSHA (Book of Poems)
Poet: Dr. Bichitra Kumar Behura

The Glimpse

The Glimpse



You are everywhere ,

I guess you shouldn’t be different .

Under the sea and in the sky, 

In the desert and in the forest ,

In celebrations and in the fest,

You seem to be enjoying 

Without taking any rest. 


Alas, you are beyond my reach,

With no fins, I return from the beach.

You didn’t give me wings 

To look for you in the skies. 

My legs are small and tired 

To go around this vast world,

Nevertheless, I thought I would find 

You , in one of your hides. 


As I am feeling sad and bad, 

Here ,she is coming,a beautiful girl. 

Her eyes are holding the sea

And the sky is caressing her in glee. 

She is carrying the forest and the stream.

As she is walking swiftly like a swan 

With dense cloudy hair 

Throwing a seductive naughty smile , 

I am looking at her , mesmerized.

Now ,I am without any doubt ,

As am crying with my heart out

Ohh God ! I feel,  I see 

The glimpse of thee ,

In her love, care and affection for me . 


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