Bichitra Behura

ANANTA SPARSHA (Book of Poems)
Poet: Dr. Bichitra Kumar Behura

In love with Imperfections

It is never for your perfection

That I spend my days in approbation.

The unusual features ,

And your unique stature ,

Is the real cause of the attraction

That I nourished in me for years.

It is probably ,the smaller eyes ,

The bigger nose or the larger hips ,

That seduced my imaginations

To create the paintings and the poems.


It is definitely your buck teeth ,

And the sweet smiles that allure.

The ample bosoms inspire the sculptor

To create those beautiful statues.

I understand, definitely it is the deviations

 That attracts more than the perfections.

Perception is germinated in comparisons.

The mind registers only imperfections,

As, it is beyond the comprehensions

To measure the dimensions of perfection.

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