Bichitra Behura

ANANTA SPARSHA (Book of Poems)
Poet: Dr. Bichitra Kumar Behura

Refutation of Love

I presumed ,you called me to say 

Something I wanted to hear. 

I knew you liked me ,

Hence, there was nothing to fear. 

Though little apprehensive, 

Had the confidence of being persuasive. 

Evening was setting in by the river,

The sun was going down 

Behind the outlines of the mountain 

As birds returning home in pairs. 

You stopped short of saying something,

Instead gazed towards the river , 

Marveling the way it was flowing.

You were searching for words 

To deny the love ,

Which you were unwilling of revealing 

Because of some vague reasons . 

I mustered my strength,

Suppressed all my feelings, 

Just read both your eyes .

To save you of the embarrassment, 

I readjusted a little and said 

I never loved you ,

And,Kept smiling 

That was long over due.

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